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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

After having finished her experiments with the northern lights - for now - Lucreza writes home about a new rumor she intends to follow into the heart of orc territory.

(a #swarmofscarabs tale)

Dearest Kirya,

It has been some time since I left our home. I am sorry I didn’t write sooner however I was so engrossed by my experiments in the north that I forgot. I wish I could say that I wrote letters but just never made it to the outpost to mail them, but that would be a lie.

The rumors I heard are true! That drunken dwarf in the public house really did know his stuff. I found the lights in the sky, just as he described them. Beautiful and crackling with energy they danced endlessly across the horizon. When I tried to collect their energy it shattered many of my containers. Now I must revisit those. I feel as if I am going around in circles, inventing containers, collecting energy, and inventing better containers again. 

“I cannot help but blame myself for the accident that is taking away the beauty of the world from our friend.”

I tried porcelain, just like what we used when we made the Electricity Blasters, but even that couldn’t stand up to the strain of containing the amount of energy I need from those lights. It seems like I must turn to unconventional materials. There is rumored to be a tree, the Ebium tree, in the heart of the continent of Ebium which can conduct electricity because of its high iron content and yet is almost completely resistant to fire. These trees are said to thrive on lightning strikes rather than withering and dying from them.

Perhaps this is the material I need to contain the energy from the sky lights in the north. Perhaps this will be the key to helping me restore Sasanna’s vision. I know you said that I should not feel guilty, that we all knew the risks of our experiments, and yet, I cannot help but to blame myself for the accident that is taking away the beauty of the world from our friend.

I plan to come home for a bit, to check up on you and Sasanna, and to gather different supplies for my next voyage. I think I shall go to Ebium, that primitive land, and seek out the miracle tree that grows there. It won’t be an easy journey for sure, that is prime Orc country as you know, but perhaps some of my inventions will be worth enough for them to let me pass and conduct my experiments in peace.

Give my love to Sasanna and your family. With any luck I shall see you soon.

Your friend, 



  1. Lucreza Amakiir, all her family and friends, her hometown of Matera, and her story are my (Rachael Murphy's) creations.

  2. Ebium and the Swarm of Scarabs campaign are creations of the Swarm of Scarabs GM: Jonathan Edwards

  3. This campaign is written using the rules laid out in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e Player's Handbook and the Dungeons & Dragons 5e Dungeon Master's Guide

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